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Quality products made in Austria since 1956
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Woodworking machines

Hermann Ganner Straße 1
A-6410 Telfs, Austria

Telephone: +43 5262 62532
Fax: +43 5262 62532 20

Website: QR-Code

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Online support and service:
• Direct contact with the manufacturer
• Personal contact with experts
• Benefit from our experience

Through our Remote-Online-Support and Service software our technical support professionals can help you with machinery diagnostics without being at your work shop. This services reduce your need for field service calls and expenses and puts you and your CNC machine fast back to work. The possibility of a software update of your Gannomat CNC machine is also an important advantage for you and your company.
All you need therefore is: Internet connection to the machine pc

Another feature of the Remote-Online-Support and Service software is that you can transmit live in real time video to our technical specialists. The real time video gives to us an additional visual information to determine required maintenance, needed parts or to find and suggest other solutions.
All you need therefore is: Internet connection to the machine pc and a portable video camera (hardware and software).

The Remote-Online-Support and Service is done by a desktop sharing or desktop monitoring software which can be installed with the following link at your Gannomat CNC machine.

image small square  Download-Link for Remote-Online-Support and Service software
Link: >Team Viewer<

After installing the software, you can open the online support software (Gannmat Quick Support), to establish an online connection with you, we need your ID and password (these data are displayed automatically).

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Telephone: +43 526 262 532 - 17

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